Author Topic: The Meanings of Farther  (Read 4906 times)


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The Meanings of Farther
« on: March 20, 2014, 04:02:29 PM »
It is interesting and important to remind everyone the different meanings of farther.
The first is, of course, proximity.  One can be farther away than someone else. 
The second is from procedure.  One can move farther along in a process. 
The third is from temperment.  One who is upset is farther away than one who is content; or, in negotiations,  two parties can become farther apart in agreement. 
The fourth is from family tree.  A cousin is farther away than a sibling, or dogs are more distantly related, farther, to humans than apes. 

Of course, the same definitions (but oppositely) hold for closer which is the antonym of farther. 

The point of posting this here is that the term farther, which is a relative term, isn't only about proximity.  There are more to relations than proximity or family. 
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