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Title: The Solution To World Peace
Post by: JHuber on September 26, 2013, 10:19:51 PM
These are the three reasons why the Subjects and Relations system is the solution to world peace.

1) It contains the definition of love. 
Love is extreme empathy.  In games and sports the opponent is antipathetic.  Their actions cause hate yet outside of the game their is no hate.  It is the antipathy that causes hate.  Therefore hate is extreme antipathy.  Since love is the opposite of hate and hate is extreme antipathy, love is extreme empathy.  It doesn't say that in religious literature.  If religious literature are the word of God and they neglected to define love, then love isn't technically part of their religions.  This discredits their integrity. The definition of love isn't in atheistic literature either.

2) It contains right and wrong.
Right and wrong are defined using the concept of extrinsic subjects.  If a subject is within an extrinsic subject it is right, if not it is wrong.  The concept of extrinsic subjects isn't in religious books either.  Furthermore, it would be awkward to include it.  To discuss the concept of extrinsic subjects within a religious context would negate the authority of God.

3) It conforms with evolution.
To understand that we are all subjects and we all have relatives explains why we are here.  This applies not only to humans but to all other animals and plants as well.  It is the system of subjects and relations, as well as happiness, that created us.  An omnipotent being is therefore unnecessary.  The issue of creationism and evolution is therefore not necessary.

As the world struggles with extreme tensions because of worldview systems, terrorists are only protecting what they believe is right, this alternative system would vaporize that tension.  People fight for their beliefs but they won't fight for a discredited belief.

There is one more point I'd like to make here.  Not only is the Subjects and Relations system the solution to world peace, it is also the only solution to world peace that is possible.  The words subjects and relations have the highest scope of all words.  There are no other words in language capable of creating a "higher" system.   
Title: Re: The Solution To World Peace
Post by: JHuber on October 27, 2013, 01:24:39 AM
Here is a simpler form of reasoning:

1. A relation is composed of subjects.
2. Therefore, subjects and relations are related in the same subject.
3. Subject has the highest scope of all words.
4. Therefore, the subject of subjects and relations is the highest subject of all subjects.
5. God isn't defined as the subject of subjects and relations.
6. Therefore, God isn't the highest subject of all subjects.

If academic philosophy were to acknowledge this, there would be no interideological conflicts.  This is the solution for world peace. 

The world is suffering.